Skiing in Pelion, Volos, Thessaly Region Greece

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Pelion is a mountain in central Greece, in the southeastern part of Thessaly. It's a tourist destination throughout the year. It's a combination of highland and maritime scenery. Pelion has more than 40 villages and all of them offer a natural beauty. The colorful landscape, the natural beauty, the traditional architecture of the houses, the sound of the water sources and the blue horizon, create an amazing atmosphere.

Pelion is also known as the mount of the Centaurs. According to the Greek mythology, Pelion was the homeland of Chiros, the eldest and wisest of the Centaurs, a tribe of half-horse men. Don’t worry, it’s just a myth. In Pelion you will find normal human beings, unless you visit the ski center where you may find snowmen.

Agrioleukes is the ski center of Pelion, at an altitude of 1471 m/4824.8 ft. Although it is too low, it has special notes in the climate, the snowfall and the topography. It provides 5 pistes of total length of 15 km/9 mi, suitable for skiers of all kind of difficulty. Four of the piste are for ski and certified by the International Federation of Skiing (FIS). The last piste is a lang-lauf, with 5 km/3 mi length.

The descent is amazing, through chestnut tree and wild abele. The amazing view of the Aegean offing is something that you don’t forget. There are 5 lifts, 3 aerial and 2 slide.

In the ski center there is a shelter where you can also find a restaurant, in case you need a break. There are ski schools in the place, with experts, in case you need to improve your skills.

You can also rent all the equipment. Take a break from your ski adventure games and visit the villages around. You should try tsipouro, but not with empty stomach. In Pelion, you will find nice restaurants with tasteful food and beautiful accommodations, for your relax time.