Paragliding in Donon, Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace France

GPS Coordinates take off / landing:
48.5316, 7.16892 / 48.5308, 7.15139
Take off / Landing Height:
845 m (2772 ft) / 550 m (1805 ft)
Visibility :
16 mi / 25.7 km
Wind direction / speed:
NNW, 8 mph/13 kph
Gliding Ratio:
Strasbourg is located in eastern France, close to the German borders and is the capital of Bas – Rhin department in Alsace region. Strasbourg hosts also several European institutions such as the Eurocorps, the Council of Europe, as well as the European Ombudsman and the European Parliament of the European Union.

Strasbourg is a beautiful city and the view from above is breathtaking. Paragliding is the perfect sport that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a unique flight above Strasbourg. The best place to paraglide is Donon near Strasbourg. The take off spot lies at an elevation of 832 m / 2730 ft high. The view from the take off point is gorgeous.

Take off area is large and easily accessed, only at 5 minutes from the parking. There are lots of trees everywhere. The procedure is the same, just walk and fly. While managing the gigantic parachute, you can admire the stunning vistas spreading around. Keep in mind that the maximum altitude that is allowed by the airport and the military airspace is at 1500 m / 4921 ft, so make sure not to exceed it.

After a short flight, you will land smoothly at the landing spot on road D993 at the place called Le Paquis. Due to the rapidly changes of the speed and direction of the wind in the valley, it is essential that you will ensure that you can get to the landing zone since it is impossible to land elsewhere apart from small paths which are very tricky, at the take off zone. Try paragliding at Donon and you will have an unforgettable experience.