Wind Surfing in Diani Beach, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

Wind Factor:
16-28 Knots
Flat, chop and Waves
Diani Beach is located at 30 km/18 mi south of Mombasa town, 45 km/27 mi from Mombasa International Airport and 5 km/3 mi from the Ukunda airstrip. The beach stretches at about 25 km/15 mi long with stunning coral reef and huge marine life. The pearly white sand blends into warm blue waters making it a perfect spot for beach holiday!!

Diani Beach offers perfect conditions for all levels of winsurfing. Wind conditions at Diani Beach are ideal with two major wind seasons providing great surf. The Northerly winds commonly known as Kaskazi (December-April) and the Southerly winds known as Kuzi (June to September).

During the northerly winds, days get as hot as 35°C/95°F with wind strengths of 16-22 knots while during the more harsher season of the southerly winds temperatures range between 22-28°C/71.6-82.4°F with wind strength of 20-28 knots. The beach offers a 984 ft / 300 m reef from the shoreline and has a lagoon type condition for beginners. For the more advanced surfers, the reef also provides superb wave riding and jumping ground.

Wind surfing at Diani Beach has its peak seasons which is normally June and September