Snorkeling in Wasini Island, Shimoni, Coast Province Kenya

Water Temperatures:
Depths :
15-18m / 49-59ft
Located at 75 km/46 mi from Mombasa town and 45 minutes drive from the famous Diani Beach at the southern coast of Mombasa, Wasini Island is a marine lover's heaven, allowing for an absolute example between man and nature.

Wasini Island allows one to see Kenya from a different perspective… no roads, no cars, no electricity and no running water!! The island is 5 km/3 mi in length and 1 km/0.8 mi width. Snorkeling in Wasini is spectacular given the diverse of coral life, both hard and soft, and a variety of colorful fish species.

Accommodating all levels of snorkelers, the island has conducive weather as well. Water temperatures range between 24-30°C/75.2-86°F. From the months of July to September, the temperatures range between 24-26°C/75.2-78.8°F warming up from October through to April with temperatures between 26- 30°C/78.8-86°F. The snorkeling depths range between 15-18 m/49-59 ft. Snorkeling at the shallow waters, offers shallow coral reefs packed with amazing tropical fish species and more often than not, swim around dolphins!!