Jet Skiing in Diani Beach, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

Water Temperatures:
24 - 30°C/75.2 - 86°F
Diani Beach is located at 30 km/18 mi south of Mombasa town, 45 km/27 mi from Mombasa International Airport and 5 km/3 mi from the Ukunda airstrip. The beach stretches at about 25 km/15 mi long with stunning coral reef and huge marine life. The pearly white sand blends into warm blue waters making it a perfect spot for beach holiday!!

The shimmering waters are irresistible and make you just hop on that Jet ski and discover hidden Mangroves along the vast white sandy beach!!

The Mangroves are home to various types of birds and monkeys!!! Not only that.. while cruising one can play with dolphins or just watch whales over the reef and cruise 4 different rivers in the protected mangrove basin!! Water temperatures range between 24-26°C/75.2 – 78.8°F during the months of July through to September and between 26-30°C/78.8 – 86°F in December through to March.

The vast nature of the beach allows for swift skiing and no commotions with surfers.