Wind Surfing in Ile d’Orlans, L’Anse Saint Jean, Quebec Canada

Peak season:
May to October
Ile d'Orlans (Island of Orleans) is located in Saint Lawrence River and it is about 5 km/3.1 mi east of Quebec city, Canada. It is situated between the Appalacian mountains to the south and the Laurentian Plateau or Canadian shield to the north.

This place attracts a lot of people for its architecture and is famous for its blue and clean water. In case you would like to visit this island, don’t miss visiting “The Felix Leclern” museum, where you will be amazed with the exhibits. Ile d’Orlans is the most appropriate place for windsurfing thanks to rivers, streams and orange of lakes.

This island is perfect for people who want to admire attractions and have fun exercising windsurfing, as the waves length is up to 2 m/6 ft and the winds reach up to 27  kn/50 kph. Windsurfing gives you the opportunity to control the sailboard, going against the winds. Furthermore, this place is fictive for windsurf competitions. The appropriate season to visit and practice windsurfing is from May to October.