Scuba Diving in Bamburi Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Dive Depths:
6-30 m/19-98 ft
Water visibility:
10-30 m/32-98 ft
Bamburi Beach is a 20 minutes drive from Mombasa town and 45 minutes from the Mombasa International airport. It overlooks the calm waters of the Indian Ocean and within the Mombasa Marine Park.

The calm crystal clear waters provide an overwhelming sea experience.The beach is calm due to an offshore reef and during high tides it can get narrow at places and also seaweed infested. Scuba diving at Bamburi is awesome with water visibility ranging from 10 m/32 ft to 30 m/98 ft.

Water temperatures are normally between 25 – 30 °C/77 – 86 °F. The diving spots boast an amazing soft and hard corals plus breathtaking marine life. Whereas the weather is conducive most of the year, best recommended diving seasons would be between November and April. Apart from perfect weather at this time, visibility is also at its peak and plenty of sea life. This is when chances of meeting reef sharks, whale sharks and a variety of the big fish family. The sharks and big turtles can mostly be spotted around 20 m/65 ft dives and white tip reef sharks at 20-25 m/65-82 ft depths. At 30 m/98 ft of water, one cannot miss to see Large Napoleon wrasses, groupers and barracudas!

The coral garden is mostly recommended for amateur divers and is provided year round with depths ranging from 1-6 m/3-19 ft. For wreck lovers, the MV Dania is a must do!!