Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Chale Island, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

Wind Factor:
15-22 Knots
Located at 10 km/6 mi in the south of Diani Beach and at 50 km/31 mi from Mombasa town, Chale island is romantically isolated, lying at 600 m/1963 ft from the main land.

The island itself is 1.2 km/1312 yd long and 0.8 km/875 yd wide and surrounded by stunning beaches and inland mangrove forest lakes  that depend on the tidal changes. The beach is protected by a coral reef about 200 m/656 ft offshore all.

Chale Island  boasts reliable side-shore trade winds and warm water and a variety of sailing condition. Be it flat water or waves it still offers world class kite-surfing and ideal for blasting, free styling, wave riding and even jumping!! Like many spots, Chale depends on the 2 wind seasons, Kaskazi (Northerly) and Kusi (Southerly). Kaskazi blows from November to March while Kusi howls in from April to October. Best kite-surfing period would be between August to October with winds going at 15 -22 knots and gentle breezing allowing for cool off.