Horseback Riding in Malindi Beach, Malindi, Coast Province Kenya

Malindi Beach, an oasis of calm and beauty, is located at 110 km/68 mi from Mombasa City. It overlooks the Malindi Marine Park while the coral garden in the park provides with an amazing flora and fauna. It offers a stunning marine life with amazing weather all year through.

The silver sand beach is capped with Casuarinas, Palm trees and Fragipani. One of the highlights is the Vasco Da Gamas Pillar which is on the beach in the middle of the coastal front. The Malindi Forest allows for great bush horse riding expeditions.

However, one can choose to go horse riding in the tropical forest or at the beach. The Vasco Da Gamma Pillar offers fantastic riding experience. To enjoy this breathtaking experience, you need to make prior bookings. Due to the weather and the safety of the horses, horseback riding is normally conducted either in the morning or late afternoon.