Snowboarding in Vasilitsa, Pindos, Macedonia Region Greece

2113 m/6932 ft
Snowboard piste:
Total lifts:
Vasilitsa is one of the best ski centers in Greece. In the middle of Pindos, it offers the opportunity to admire the treasures of nature. The coniferous trees, the acid and the oak are the guards of this beautiful place. If you feel like the daily routine is burning your mind out, let's freeze it for a while. The pure snow will clear your mind and your board will awake your wild instincts.

Let’s play game with the snowflakes. Feel like the king of the piste because it’s time for snowboarding. The Mignanis piste is ready for you. It has a length of 850 m/2788 ft and the snowboard park is full of surprises. You can find a big kicker on top, gap kicker to wall ride run, a medium and small kicker, double wall ride, one hip, a pyramid with box on top… do you feel the adrenaline already?

Take a breath and if you can’t stand this, stop reading. But, if you feel that you want more and you can’t wait, then a fat and straight rail is waiting for you. You can dance with your board on the small dance floor. And, if you try all these, in the end you will sing ‘catch the rainbow’, while snowboarding in the rainbow box.

There are snowboard schools in the area, with experts at your disposal, in case you need someone to show you how fantastic and addictive this sport is. When you feel hungry, you can take a ride in Grevena. It’s a beautiful city, at 42 km/26 mi far from the ski center. It’s the capital of Grevena regional unit in the west of Macedonia, North Greece.

You can find bars and restaurants to drink a cup of coffee or dine with your friends. Feel free to give in to the hospitality of the locals. In Grevena, you can also find accommodations for your relaxing time.