Mountain Biking in Seih Sou Mountain Bike Trail, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region Greece

4 hrs
Elevation gain:
L1 (670 m / 2198 ft) L2 (910 m / 2985 ft)
Thessaloniki is located in northern Greece. It is the second largest city and a major economic, industrial, political and commercial center. The city is well known for its endless entertainment including abundant cultural festivals. Thessaloniki has been ranked as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide.

The beautiful city of Thessaloniki offers plethora of entertainment options to everyone. If you are a dedicated nature lover, a visit at the famous Seih Sou Mountain Bike Trail is definitely worth a shot! During your staying in Thessaloniki you can greatly combine your relaxation with adventure. So, add some adrenaline to your life and experience Mountain Biking in Thessaloniki.

For the safe experience of Mountain Biking in Thessaloniki you will find local operators with huge experience that organize this activity with great success. Seih Sou Mountain Bike Trail is addressed to all levels of ability. During your training the local operator will become your leader and cover both the theoretical and practical part of your activity.

You have nothing to worry about, as the advice and the techniques of the well qualified staff are at your disposal. Your training duration is about 4 hours. For beginners of Mountain Biking the distance is 20 km / 12 mi, whereas for intermediate ones 30 km/ 18 mi. The elevation gain of the first level, which is for novices, is 670 m / 2198 ft and of the second level that is for advanced bikers 910 m / 2985 ft.

You also have to know that the training is conducted at different spots according to the skill ability of the participant. Furthermore, all participants must be at the age of 18 years.

If you really want to get to know the beauty of this city, start with the experience of Mountain Biking at Seih Sou Mountain Bike Trail, taste the delicious traditional cuisine and finally have a late night stroll!!!