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Extreme Endurance at the Olympus Marathon

Total elevation gain:
2800 m / 9186 ft
Route length:
44 km / 27.3 mi
Olympus Marathon returns for the 13th year to the sacred grounds of Mount Olympus in Greece. Following the course of an ancient Greek sacred route towards the top of the mountain to honor the God of the Gods, Zeus, this is a race that will stay carved in your memory forever!

"Olympus Marathon"

The 44km/27.3mi long race is starting from 0 attitude and ends up at an altitude of 2800 m / 9186 ft high on the legendary “Mountain of the Gods”. The 12 check points along the route of Olympus Marathon make the race a very carefully designed one for the safety of all participants and volunteers.

"Olympus Marathon"

The majestic surroundings will keep you captivated in its beauty forever. For full details of the route, click here.

To be able to participate, you need to be 18 years old and above and to fulfill the minimum racing criteria of the event, which are: to have finished the race in the last two years 2014 & 2015 or to have finished successfully 2 20km mountain races at 1200m altitude or 1 35km mountain race at 2200m altitude. For more details, click here.

"Olympus Marathon"

Many athletes from Greece and from allover the world will be gathered to participate in Olympus Marathon 2016, so hurry up cause there are only 50 places left. Click here for more details

See you among the Gods!