Snowmobile in Kaimaktsalan, Pella, Macedonia Region Greece

2524m / 8278.7ft
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
Let's make some noise! Take your snowmobile and explore the beautiful paths of Kaimaktsalan. It's a mountain, situated on the borders between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It's the third highest mountain in Greece with an altitude of 2524 m/8278.7 ft. It's also known as Voras and it's located in the regional unit of Pella.

Breath the fresh air, and take a ride through forests with pine trees, oaks, firs and chestnut. Let the beauty of deep valleys and the grass land seduce your senses.

On the top of the mountain, you will find the old church of St. Ilias, dated since the first World War. There is a cenotaph in the basement for the war’s victims.

The ski center of Kaimaktsalan has begun operating since 1995. You can visit it from November to May. It’s one of the few ski center in Greece, where snow covers the mountain for way too long. In the ski center, you can rent a snowmobile, for the lonely riders or you can find a snowmobile school. There is also a chalet with amazing view, bar and restaurants where you can spend time with your friends.

If you want to escape from the ski center, the old village of St. Athanasius is waiting for you. It’s about at 9 km/5 mi away from Kaimaktsalan ski center. Taste the traditional food and drink the good wine in front of the fireplace. Let the warmth makes you feel like your sweet home. In the village you can also find lovely accommodations for your relaxing time.