Skiing in Seli, Imathia, Macedonia Region Greece

1900 m / 6233 ft
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
In the regional unit of Imathia, you wil find Kato Seli or Kato Vermio, in an altitude of 1450 m / 4756 ft. It's one of the highest villages in Greece. On the border of this beautiful village, the ski center of Seli is being spotted. It's the first organized ski center in Greece and it has begun operating since 1934. In the same year, the first Panhellenic race of skiing were held in Seli.

The ski center has 7 lifts (6 slides of one seater, 1 aerial of two seaters). It has 19 pistes of all level of difficulty. There are 8 easy pistes from 3000 m/9842 ft to 600 m/1968 ft, 5 difficult pistes from 1000 m/3280 ft to 400 m/1312 ft and 4 pistes for beginners. There are also 2 lanh lauf pistes. So, don’t think about it!!!

When the first snowflakes fall, take all your ski equipment and run to the ski center. If you don’t own one, don’t worry because in the ski center you can rent all the necessary. There are also ski schools at your disposal, in case you need an expert to assist you in your snow games. At the foothills of Vermio and at 24 km/14 mi far from the ski center, you come across Veroia, the capital city of the regional unit of Imathia.

It’s well known for its traditional architecture and the byzantine churches. Take a walk in the beautiful center of Veroia, taste the good food and the traditional dessert known as ravani.

There are also archeological sites in the area. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Vergina, 12.5 km/7 mi far from Veroia. There is a modern underground museum of the royal graves and exhibits from the history of ancient Macedonia. The grave of the king Philip the second was discovered in Vergina.

Last, but not least, you can find nice accommodations near the ski center, where you can rest your body and mind.