Paintball in Adventure Paintball, Thessaloniki, Macedonia Region Greece

Recall and Speedball
natural turf, tires, barrels and trenches
Thessaloniki is located in northern Greece. It is the second largest city and a major economic, industrial, political and commercial center. The city is well known for its endless entertainment including abundant cultural festivals. Thessaloniki has been ranked as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide.

Thessaloniki is a city that wins visitors at the very first moment of their arrival. A visit to this highly significant city will capture the eyes of visitors. In Thessaloniki all kinds of entertainment are readily available. Paintball in this city has the potential to become the backbone of your holidays.

Adventure Paintball is the most appropriate place for this activity. It is located just 10 minutes far from the center of the city, in an area called Mediterranean Cosmos and offers easy access to visitors. There are two Paintball tracks (Recball and Speedball) and another one will be added soon. In the Speedball track you will enjoy intense activity with a lot of speed and action. This track offers European standards dimensions and it is covered by natural turf.

The other track, Recball is the most well known type of paintball and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. Just get ready to detect your opponent through the window of a car and move with speed between the available tires. On spot you also find barrels and trenches. As far as gear is concerned, Adventure Paintball provides all the necessary equipment.

When you decide to visit this spot, choose to wear casual clothes and sturdy shoes. After a thrilling day, stroll in this amazing city and taste the delicious mpougatsa.