Snowmobile in Pertouli, Trikala, Thessaly Region Greece

Altitude :
1170m/3838ft to 1370m/4494ft
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
You have to leave your place. It's cold outside, you don't want to go, but you have to. Being on board, the noise of the plane reminds you that there is no way back. Although you fly through clouds, your black thoughts make your moves more difficult. Close your eyes and turn cold into a beautiful landscape with pure snow. Your thoughts are trees that cover your favorite paths and the clouds are your magic snowdust. The beauty of the nature, the harmony, the pure love....stop there. You are not playing in 'the little house on the prairie'.

It’s time for you to make some fuss. Stop smelling the beautiful flowers and take your snow-machine. Feel the adrenaline while making the leafs of the trees shiver. There is no cold any more, just you and your favorite path. For those, who want to open their eyes and see their thoughts becoming a reality, change your route to Pertouli ski center, in Greece.

Pertouli is a mountain village within the province of Trikala, in Thessaly. The traditional housing, the harmony of the simple life and the history make this place a perfect tourist destination. The ski center is at 3.3 km/2 mi from Pertouli, at an altitude in between 1170 m/3838 ft and 1370 m/4494 ft. The spot provides 6 pistes, 3 three downhill slopes (1 green, 1 red, 1 blue) and 3 cross country runs (lang lauf). It also offers one double seat aerial lift (1170 m/3838 ft length), one baby-lift (60 m/196 ft length) and one sliding one seat (350 m/1148 ft length).

There are two chalets in the ski center, one at the bottom and one at the top of the ski center. There is a snowmobile school and shop in the ski resort. You can visit Elati at 32 km/19 mi from Trikala. There you can find tasteful restaurants and a variety of accommodations for your relaxing time. So, wherever you are, make some noise.