Snowboarding in Balderschwang, Oberallgäu, Bavaria Germany

30 km / 18.6 mi
1044 m / 3425 ft
Balderschwang is a small town in the district of Oberallgäu in Germany with beautiful landscapes and several choices, ideal for the perfect winter vacation. The spot lies at 178 km / 110.6 mi in the southwest of Munich in a magnificent mountainous setting, ideal for snowboarding.

The high speed chair lifts, the 9 ski lifts for skiers and snowboarders and the 30 km/18 mi of available pistes, free of cost for the visitors, make Balderschwang the most popular winter sport spot for children and adults. This place is separated in different levels of downhill snowboard areas so that everyone can adjust himself finding the right slope for his skill level.

Moreover, the advantage of having ski lifts at each and every level so that you don’t have to return on foot, make Balderschwang also popular to families or groups who are not that much accustomed with snowboarding yet. Free parking, restaurants, winter sports schools and equipment stores are only some of the facilities you will find at the bottom station.

The best time of the year to visit the 1044 m/3425 ft fog-free altitude is between December and April when the temperature varies from -2 to 13°C / 28.4 to 55.4°F. Even if the snow sometimes isn’t enough, there are a lot of snow machines, shaping up the pistes so as to come up to your expectations. With so many different choices for things to do or see, it’s for sure that you will have an unforgettable time.