Motocross in Limni, Euboea, Central Greece Region Greece

Length of route:
9km / 5mi
The spot is located in the northwestern part of the island of Euboea and it's a part of the municipal unit of Elymnioi. It's a town and a community of the island and it's located northwest of Chalkida and at the southeast of Istiaia.

Limni is one of the most picturesque places of northern Euboea. Walk through the narrow alleys and enjoy the island features and the unique scenery experiences. The beautiful and clean beaches and the white traditional houses make this place a perfect tourist destination. Feel the beauty of the simple life and be a part of this natural beauty.

If you are looking for extreme situations, then motocross is alive in Limni. There is one of the best and biggest motocross route in Greece. The coordinates of the route are 38.764378, 23.341575. On the spot, there is the also an option of 9 km/5 mi route for scramble races, through the motocross route. So, you can play with the speed and cover everything around you with your dirt.

In case you need an expert to help you improve your skills, there is a motocross school at your disposal. You can also find all the equipment, in case you forget yours. Near the place, you can do other activities and spend time with your friends. There are seafood restaurants, bar and cafeteria, near the beach. Last but not least, you can find comfortable accommodations, in case you need to relax.