Snowboarding in Seli, Imathia, Macedonia Region Greece

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Let's find out about Seli, the first organized ski center in Greece. It's located on the border of Kato Seli or Kato Vermio. It's a beautiful village in the regional unit of Imathia. It's one of the highest villages in Greece, with an altitude of 1450 m/4756 ft. The ski center has begun operating since 1934 and the same year the first Panhellenic race of skiing was held on the spot.

At the foothills of Vermio, you come across Veroia, the capital city of the regional unit of Imathia. It’s about 14 mi/24 km far from the ski center. It’s a place full of historical and archaeological site and with byzantine churches, looking really impressive.

If you like to run back in time, then you should go for 22 mi/12.5 km far from Veroia and visit the royal graves of Vergina. The modern underground museum is full of exhibits from the history of ancient Macedonia.

The archaeology professor Michael Andronikos discovered a grave monument, that he believed that it was the grave of king Philip the second, the father of Alexander the Great. That’s for the history. Let’s go back in the slopes with pure snow, that are waiting for your board. Be the king of snowboard and make your public to repeat your name aloud.

Show off your skills and let the others learn from you. Give your own show! Feel the power and the magic of this addictive sport. And if you need help, there are snowboard schools in the area, with experts at your disposal.

The ski center has 19 pistes of all level of difficulty and 7 lifts (6 slides of one seater, 1 aerial of two seater). Near the ski center, there are restaurants with good traditional Greek food.

You should taste the famous dessert ravani. There are also comfortable accommodations with amazing view.