Mountain Biking in Marathon Bike Park, Nea Makri, Attica Region Greece

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Trails length :
From 0.8 mi/1.8 km to 5.9 mi/9.5 km
Top elevation:
820 ft/250 m
Best season:
All year round
Nea Makri is a coastal city located in northeastern Attica, about 20 mi/32 km away from the center of Athens. The city borders to the north with Marathonas town, to the south with Rafina and to the west with the mountain of Penteli. Fronted by the south Evian Gulf, Nea Makri has a coastline of more than 6 mi/10 km long with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear sea.

As the city combines a picturesque coastline along with forested hills and mountains, it has become a great getaway for the Athenians, who wish to take a break from the noisy city and enjoy a nice walk by the sea or on the green hills. However, besides the easy going and relaxing atmosphere, a new bike park has recently opened its gates and is considered to be the first organized park for the biking enthusiasts in Athens.

Attracting visitors from all over Greece, the Marathon Bike Park, offers the mountain bikers some of the best designated mountain tracks, that will satisfy even the most advanced riders. The main park is located within the city of Nea Makri and has great facilities for those who are into BMX vert and freestyle. Located only a few minutes away from the main park, the mountain bike trails start from an altitude of 820 ft/250 m and lead you through dense pine forest.

There are two enduro tracks, the MC Enduro and the M715, suitable for intermediate and advanced bikers, one cross country track called the MC trail, suitable for beginners and advanced bikers and an exhilarating downhill track called Barbecue, which is suitable for intermediate and advanced mountain riders. The distance covered from the main trails varies from 0.8 mi/1.8 km to 5.9 mi/9.5 km and has many features such as berms and wooden bridges.

The bike park is very well organized in regards of gear and rentals. There are lessons available from experienced instructors, as well as a shop and full service facilities on the spot. The park is open seven days a week, all year round. Keep in mind that during the winter months and in case of extreme weather, the mountain bike trails are closed. If you are visiting Athens, it will be more than a great adventure to ride the trails of the Marathon Bike Park. If you are a mountain bike fan, just go for it!