Skiing in Whistler Mountain, Whistler, British Columbia Canada

If dogs are used:
1.5 m/4 ft long rope
The indescribable Whistler Mountain is located in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains, in the province of British Columbia, at approximately 125 km/78 mi in the north of Vancouver.

This is a mountain in the Fitzsimmons Range on the north western edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park, providing with the best ski terrains. Wonderful snowing slopes and some 10 m/32 ft of annual snowfalls offer you the pleasurable experience of ski joring. Ski joring is a winter, competitive sport in which a dog, a horse or a motor vehicle pulls a person on skis.

In case of a dog being used, there is a 1.5 m/4 ft long rope to connect the skier, who carries poles and three dogs commonly that have the desire to run and obey its owner. Equestrian ski joring needs a trained horse and its rider to pull the skier, who hangs onto a tow rope and carries no poles.

A snowmobile or small motorized vehicle can replace dogs or horse pulling the skier in a similar way to equestrian ski joring, which both reach higher speeds.