Skiing in Fterolakka, Parnassos, Central Greece Region Greece

Altitude :
1640 to 1860 m/5380 to 6102 ft
Total piste:
Total lifts:
Parnassos is a mountain in central Greece, towering above Delphi. This mountain of limestone hide natural treasures. The fresh air in combination with the view is something that you'll never forget. The party starts when the first pure veil of snow is falling. Everyone who is addicted to ski, run with passion to Fterolakka, a perfect place for adventure.

Fterolakka is a ski center, well organized and ready for crazy trails. In Fterolakka 9 downhill slopes operate (4 red, 4 blue and 1 green slope) of a total length of 5115 m/16781 ft and it has 7 lifts. The Fterolakka site’s altitude is from 1640 m/5380 ft to 1860 m/6102 ft.

There are ski schools in the area, with experts at your disposal, in case you need to improve your skills. There is a restaurant and canteen in the ski center with an amazing view towards the slopes. If you can stop skiing, then take a ride an visit  Delphi. According to the Greek mythology, it was the site of the Delphi oracle, where Pythia credited for the prophecies. It was sacred to the Olympian god Apollo, the son of light and sun.

You can also travel at 24 km/14 mi far from the ski center and visit Arachova, a Greek treasure of historical meaning. Close to Fterolakka, you’ll find tasteful restaurants with really good Greek food. Don’t forget to drink a glass of red wine, it’s good for your heart. If you are a sentimental, then you can drink more than one glass. In case you feel a little dizzy, don’t worry because there are lovely accommodations, that are waiting for you.