Rock Climbing in Varimbombi, Parnitha, Attica Region Greece

Best season:
4-5 Hrs
Minimum Age:
8 Yrs Old
Mount Parnitha is located in the North Athens regional unit and is the highest mountain range of Attica. Much of this densely forested mountain is designated a national park, and is a protected habitat for wild birds.

Parnitha National Park is only 35 km/21.8 mi away from the center of Athens and provides a variety of outdoor activities to visitors, including hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. The rock climbing location of Varimbobi, especially the rock of Petra, is very popular and one of the most important sites in Greece due to its good limestone quality and also its historical significance.

It is the place where the first climbing school in the country was established in 1928. Actually, there is a great variety of climbing routes appropriate for beginners and more experienced climbers as well, from 4a to 7a. Leave the daily routine behind, breath fresh air and enjoy the stunning beauty of the pine forest and the breathtaking views of the landscape from the top of the rocks.

The ideal periods to perform this sport are mostly spring and autumn months. Keep in mind that, the climbing gear is provided but you should bring a small backpack, water and a clean t-shirt. Last but not least, the activity lasts about 4-5 hours and is suitable for children over 8 years old.