Rafting in Telaga Waja River, Bali, Bali Indonesia

Distance :
12 km/7.4 mi
Duration :
2 Hours
Bali is a province in Indonesia with a few neighboring islands including the Isle of Bali. The island of Bali lies at about 8 degrees/ 0.13 radians on the south of equator and at 3.2 km/1.9 mi from Java. It is surrounded by coral reefs with white sand beaches on the south and black sand beaches on the north and the west of the island.

If you want to test your guts, then there is no better way than taking on the Telaga Waja River rafting adventure. Located in the Muncan village, it is considered to be the most challenging rafting experience in Bali. The Telega experience is just jaw dropping from start to finish. From the moment you drop into the first set of rapids… it is pure adrenalin and there is no stopping!! You are on constant splash on white clear water, rushing over steep banks and ancient hanging trees while rafting through down-rushing waterfalls of cold natural spring water.

It goes without saying that guides are available to assist you in safely tackling the torrents, twists, tight turns and inclined rapids. Magnificent views of rice plains, overhead obstacles, and narrow gorges, might “just” prepare you for the mother of all challenges….The Water Dam!!! Yes!!!…Take a deep breath and down you go!!! This fascinating trip is a whole 12 km/7.4 mi and lasts 2 hours. What you need to carry is a change of clothes and sunscreen is also recommended.