Rafting in Yosemite National Park, Mariposa, California USA

Late May to July or early August
River depth:
6.5 ft/2 m
Yosemite National Park is located near Mariposa, California, USA.

Merced River, flowing in Yosemite Park, is perfect for rafting in summer months. Length of the rafting season changes from year to year, depending on the water temperature, climate and river depth. One typical season begins late May to July or early August.

You can rent a raft at the Curry Village Recreational Center or in shops around. The rafts can hold 4 adults and are equipped with the mandatory personal flotation devices and paddles. It is permitted to practice between Stoneman Bridge (it is located near Curry Village) and Sentinel Beach Picnic Area.

You can raft between 10 am and 6 pm, making sure that the following conditions are satisfied: the sum of air and water temperature must be more than 100°F/37.7°C and river depth must be less than 6.5 ft/2 m at Sentinel Beach. You can also raft on the South Fork, located in the Wawona Area.