Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Sanur Beach, Bali, Bali Indonesia

Wind Strengths :
10-50 Knots
Best months:
May to Septmber
Bali is a province in Indonesia with a few neighboring islands including the Isle of Bali. The island of Bali lies at about 8 degrees/ 0.13 radians on the south of equator and at 3.2 km/1.9 mi from Java. It is surrounded by coral reefs with white sand beaches on the south and black sand beaches on the north and the west of the island.

Sarun Beach is the haven for kitesurfing in Bali and many locals are now picking up on the sport. It is a protective reef that creates flat water cruising conditions in the lagoon with waves on the reef, varying from small to huge. There are two wind seasons in Bali, the wet and the dry season.

The wet season runs from December to February with the westerly winds, blowing at 30 knots but very gusty. The dry season on the other hand runs from May to September and considered the in season for kite-surfing. Have a blast here when the easterly trade winds blow between 20-50 knots with June – August being the peak with winds blowing from 40-50 knots.

Kite-surfing here accommodates both the novice and expert kiter however the character of the tide can change dramatically but you can always choose the perfect spot for you to surf.