Scuba Diving in Lipah Bay, Amed, Bali, Bali Indonesia

Dive type:
Wreck, deep, sharks, big fishes, reef
10 - 30 m/33 - 98.5 ft
1-2 knots/1.85-3.7 kph
Karangasem Regency is a regency of Bali, Indonesia. The east side of Bali is its place of coverage and the regency seat is Amlapura. Part of this regency is Amed and the scuba diving spot of Lipah Bay.

The diving spot of Lipah Bay is situated 3 km/1.2 mi east of Amed and can be approached from the beach and by boat. Access is instant and the spot is easy to find. This place is pretty popular among scuba divers, since it has many dive types, as almost the most spots in Bali.

Dive types of Lipah Bay are wreck, deep, sharks, big fishes and reef. The quality of the dive site is good with medium currents and good visibility. Bio life of the place is interesting and if you want to experience it, you will have to be at a level of experience equal or more than CMAS */OW.

The average depth of the spot is 10 m/32.8 ft, while the maximum depth is 44 m/144.4 ft something that makes the site dangerous. Another danger is the currents and their big changes. At 6 – 10 m/19.8 – 32.9 ft depth, you will come across a ship wreck, which you can explore.

The best part is deeper at 15 – 30 m/49.2 – 98.5 ft depth, where soft corals, staghorn corals, gorgonians and others will take your mind away with a colorful explosion. When you dive, you can also enjoy the marine biology of the place, orientation and photography. This place is also an ideal dive training spot.

It is a very interesting, beautiful, diving spot with many potential activities. You can choose the one you like!