Kayaking in Almeria, Andalusia, Andalusia Spain

Top route:
Cabo de Gata
Almeria is a province of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, between Enix, Pechina and Nijar. With mountain sierras and a 40 km/25 mi of seacoast terrain, Almeria enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and warm winters.

It offers one of the sunniest, warmest and driest climates in Europe with low annually rainfall. With an average of 10 hours of sunshine everyday during summer months and temperatures from 26 to 30°C/78.80 to 86°F in summer and 15 to 19°C/59 to 66.20°F in winter. Water temperature during winter is 15°C/59°F and during summer is about 22°C/71.60°F.

Kayaking in Almeria is a whole year sport, even in January. Wave size is very small, 1 m/3 ft maximum, making it an easy spot for beginners. But there are many routes to discover, ever for the experienced ones. Enjoy Cabo de Gata, a natural park full of  reefs, the Almeria port, Retamar, and make trips to nearby coastline.