Kayaking in Outer Banks Beach Club Resort, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina USA

Wave Quality :
Wave Type:
Wave Direction:
Right and left
Good Swell Direction:
Good Wind Direction:
Outer Banks, also known as OBX, is a 200 mi/322 km long string of narrow barrier islands of the coast of North Carolina. A small portion of it extends further in Virginia, at the beginning of the southern corner of Virginia Beach, on the east coast of the United States. It is a major tourist destination and known for its temperate climate.

If you get easily bored and need a change, Outer Banks is the most appropriate place to visit. As far as your adventure is concerned, OBX provides great conditions for an extraordinary activity, like surf kayaking.

Due to its geographical location, OBX has unusual weather. It tends to be affected by hurricanes and storms. The wave’s quality is normal, its type is beach-break and its direction is right and left. The wave’s bottom is sandy, its power is hallow and fast and its length is normal (from 50 to 150 m/164 to 492 ft).  Good wind direction is from southeast. However, beware of sharks.

Services like schools and rental shops are available on spot. After an exciting activity the only thing left to do is to relax and admire the beauty of this place. Give yourself the opportunity to get in touch with  some interesting  places, like the Outer Banks YMCK, Roanoke Island Maritime Museum, The Art Village, The Avon Fish Pier, The Last Colony and many others. For your relaxation you will find many restaurants and hotels nearby, as well as a lot of shops where you can buy your souvenirs.