Kayaking in L’Anse Sainte Jean, Saguenay, Quebec Canada

L'Anse-Sainte-Jean is one of Quebec's most traditional village and a member of the Plus Beaux Villages du Quebec Association. It is the most appropriate place for people who want to discover or get in touch with the marine environment.

Kayaking is a very popular sport in this place as participants can enjoy their sport with comfort and safety.

This sport lasts 3 hours starting from L’Anse-Sainte-Jean and continuing around the Iilet-Saint-Jean area. For the hot days you can bring your bathing suit for a quick dive in L’Anse de Tabatiere. This sport offers you calmness whilst its peak  is the stunning view of the marine life. In case you choose to experience kayaking  on your own, please do not forget to bring with you a kayak -camping route map. Finally it is necessary to be equipped with sun glasses, ropes, shorts, t-shirts, sport hut for the day, sun cream lotion and water bottles.