Kayaking in Gauja River, Murjani, Latvia

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Gauja River is a well-known river in Vidzeme, Latvia. Apart from its natural beauty, Gauja River is also known as a great place for water sports.

Wildlife lovers and those who are interested in getting in touch with the natural beauty, should definitely visit this unspoilt river. It is the stunning views, the deep forests,and the inspiring energy that merge into one and create the perfect conditions for a perfect kayaking activity.

Gauja is the only river which begins and ends its flow in Latvia. It is the river where the International Marathon Kayak, which is the longest marathon in Europe, takes place every year in late April. Apart from the marathon, Gauja River can be visited at any period of the year. It tends to change its bottom quickly. In some places the bottom of the river is pebbly and formes impressive boulder rapids. Being the longest river in Latvia, a 452 km / 282 mi long aquatic path, Gauja River is endowed with many impressive caves such as the Gūtmaņa Cave and the Great Devils Cave. Now, we describe you some of the beauties of this place but it is certain that there are more things to do and to see at this famous tourist destination.

While you practice your activity, you will have the opportunity to admire clean meadows with high banks and rocks and some of the biggest outcrops like Sietiņiezis Rock, Ērģeļu (Ērgļu) Cliff, Red Cliff and Ķūķi Rock. A lot of schools and rental shops can be found on spot. You just make the right decision and let the beauty of this spot take your breath away.