Kayaking in Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover, North Carolina USA

Wave Type:
Wave Quality:
Wave Direction:
Good Swell Direction:
Southeast, east, northeast
Good Wind Direction:
Northwest, west, southwest
In order to enjoy themselves, many people from all over the world visit Wrightsville Beach every year, as this place can fulfill their expectations. It is a town in New Hanover Country, North Carolina, United States. If you remember the film ''Sleeping with the Enemy'' with Julia Roberts, visit this place and be witness of the movie setting.

If you want to escape from the daily routine, visit this place as soon as possible. Once you arrive on the spot, you will understand what are we talking about. So, make the decision now and enjoy yourself in the most suitable place. If  you want to really get a good taste of Wrightsville Beach, it is strongly recommended to perform one of the most exciting activities, like surf kayaking.

Having the best conditions on your favor, the only thing left to do is just to try this activity. The wave type is beach-break, wave quality is normal, wave direction is right and wave bottom is sandy. The wave’s normal length is short at 50 m/164 ft.

Get ready to feel the adventure of the most exciting activity and surf along the best northwest, west, southwest wind directions. For your activity, a lot of rental shops  and schools are available.  After your activity, a visit at the Wrightsville Beach Museum is well worth it. We strongly recommend to visit this spot and have the time of your life.