Paintball in Campanillas, Malaga, Andalusia Spain

Area available:
0.13 km²/32 ac
Campanillas is situated within 10 minutes away from the center of Malaga city in Spain. Campanillas is also home to an amazing paintball park called Paintball Mountain.

The park provides visitors with all necessary facilities for a perfect day, full of paintball fun and adrenaline rush. Five different paintball arenas feature different scenarios, making every paintball adventure a unique one, by playing ”home and away” in each one. The Tombstone field, where the wild west is recreated, includes a saloon, post office, bank, coffin maker, church, sheriff’s office, hardware store and of course a jail.

The Village is a timed game, where every team starts at their base and the flags are located in the other team’s territory. The winner is either the team with 1 flag raised at the end of the game time or the first team to raise both flags. Toxic Convoy is NATO and Chinese snatch teams having missions to accomplish. The problem of the scenario game is that the Chinese and NATO are not allies.

The Hamburger Hill: This scenario involves fortified bunkers, trenches and bridges. The aim of the mission is to dislodge the North Vietnamese and capture the hill. Finally the Black Labyrinth. This is a complete blind battle. You cannot see anything! Where are you going to, where your enemy is moving against? You run right down dead end passages and suddenly you find yourself in an open space! Run like the wind and try to find the entrance to the tunnel, avoiding the rain of paint shots.

Between panic, fun, adrenaline rising to high levels, the facility in Campanillas guarantees an exciting paintball game that has it all! The provided equipment is of a very high quality, so safety is not an issue.

Enjoy a full day of paintball fun and if you get hungry, you can always use the BBQ! Don’t forget to call and make reservation for an amazing experience!