Wind Surfing in Schinias Beach, Marathonas, Attica Region Greece

Best wind direction:
From May until late September
Schinias is a well known coastal resort in Attica region, located approximately at 45 km / 28 mi north east of Athens, Greece. Thanks to its natural and marine beauty, especially during summer months, Schinias hosts an overwhelming number of tourists. Most of them are water sport enthusiasts.

In answer to the question why this spot is so famous and always busy, we can just mention some of the unlimited assets of this place. Schinias is a place, crowded with people who know very well how to enjoy themselves. This is not without a reason since Schinias offers to anyone the opportunity to perform a perfect windsurfing activity.

At Schinias, both experts and novices of windsurfing can have the time of their life as the wind and water conditions are pretty good. For beginners, it is advisable to sail early in the morning or late in the afternoon as at these times, water is flat and they will be able to enjoy their activity for good. As far as experts of windsurfing is concerned, the best time to sail is at noon, when the thermal wind picks up and creates choppy water. With strong south winds and average wind speed about 1-4 bf /3-15 kn, it is certain that you will have a perfect windsurfing experience.

The spot is endowed with many schools that will teach you how to windsurf or help you reach the pinnacle of success. In addition, all schools will provide you with equipment of latest technology. The most appropriate season to visit this spot is from May until late September.

If you are not interested in water-sports, you can enjoy yourself by having a few pints in the beach-bar or by immersing yourself in the stunning views that only this place can offer you.