Horseback Riding in Mossel Bay, Garden Route, Western Cape South Africa

1-3 hours
Mossel Bay is a beautiful coast, located in between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, at 400 km/248 mi of distance both ways. It is surrounded by the sunbathed peninsula and the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. It offers a mild climate all year round making it a perfect winter break destination.The weather is influenced by the Aghulas current of the Indian Ocean and by the presence of the Outeniqua mountains.

The bays topography allows great horseback riding adventures, combining breathtaking scenery from bush and mountain with beach trails. Experience breathtaking views at the mountains, enjoy the sunset or watch game animals in the hills.

Horseback riding is open to all… even the inexperienced have the opportunity to go for riding lessons before beginning the adventure. Riding tours range from 1-3 hours, depending on you trail choice. Whatever the choice, the scenery beauty is a guarantee!!!