Shark Diving in Mossel Bay, Garden Route, Western Cape South Africa

Cage Size:
Mossel Bay is a beautiful coast, located between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, at 400 km/248 mi of distance both ways. It is surrounded by the sunbathed peninsula and the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. It offers a mild climate all year round, thus making it a perfect winter break destination.The weather is influenced by the Aghulas current of the Indian Ocean and by the presence of the Outeniqua mountains.

The bay is sheltered while its Mediterranean style weather allows for calm sea conditions. The bay is rich in diverse marine life including seals, dolphins, whales and the amazing white shark. Shark diving here is conducted in 2×2 cage and the site is within 10 minutes boat ride.

Before the cage is immersed in water, a bait will be set and when the sharks appear, then cage is lowered. The shark wait can last from minutes to hours. The sharks range in sizes between 2.5-7 m/8-22 ft long. Although it is rare not to see the sharks, spotting them is not a guarantee. If you are not a diver, viewing is spectacular even from the top.