Four Wheel Driving in Wilderness, George, Western Cape South Africa

Distance :
30 km / 18.6 mi
Wilderness is a resort, lying between the Outeniqua mountains and beautiful warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Rich with beautiful beaches and a number of rivers and lakes, Wilderness offers considerable amount of tranquility making it a perfect beach holiday spot. Climate is warm all year round with winters offering sunny and warm days.

At 21 km/13 mi away from the Wilderness Resort, there is the Louvain 4×4 trail with an indigenous forest and rocky terrain. It is a point to point route with no guidance needed, however it passes though a state forest, therefore a permit is needed before embarking on this scenic adventure.

The route distance is 30 km/18.6 mi long and trip takes up to 2.5-3 hours of scenic beauty and graded class 2-3. For a more challenging adventure, there is a 4×4 obstacle course, offering up to 15 obstacles with different degrees and of difficulty and technicality. Some of the obstacles have an anti-clockwise direction on the course. The trail is open all year round.