Horseback Riding in South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas USA

Good wind direction:
Northwest, west, southwest
South Padre Island is a resort town in Cameron County, Texas, U.S. It is the most appropriate place for all those people, who want to feel something completely out of the ordinary and enjoy an exciting summer. It is easy for you to feel at home, since South Padre Island offers the best conditions for your entertainment and relaxation.

This amazing island offers a variety of sea and wind activities, wild parties, many events, nightlife and wildlife observation. Visit this place and let yourself feel the adventure of the most enjoyable activity, horseback riding.

What makes this activity more exciting and enthusiastic, is the fact that you will perform it on the beach. So, if you get in touch with this place, don’t miss to try horseback riding on the beach. If you tend to enjoy the time of your life in a different or unusual way, just think that here you can celebrate your wedding, birthdays or anything else. So, visit the north end of South Padre Island, where 110 horses and a couple of donkeys are waiting for you. South Padre Island has a 27 year experience in this activity, which shows that it is a unique place for the best horseback riding.

The horses are amazing and you will feel very comfortable atop these stately 1200 pound animals. In order to exercise this activity, no experience is required and it can be enjoyed from 6 to 90 years old. So, ride with a friendly horse admiring the unlimited sea beauty and let the salty water cool your face.