Horseback Riding in Waipio Valley, Honokaa, Hawaii USA

Skill level :
Beginners and advanced
Overwhelming nature:
Jungle riding
Honokaa town is located in the Hamakua Coast, at 40 mi/64 km in the north of Hilo. The area is a historic district of Big Island in Hawaii because the town's economy was once based on sugar production from the Hamakua Sugar Company, until 1994.

After that, the town became a touristic destination with the beautiful Waipio Valley and Kalopa Native Forest State. Waipio Valley is one mile across and about 5 mi/8 km deep, surrounded by mountains with impressive waterfalls and green fields.

Waipio Valley horseback riding tour starts at the end of Honokaa Rd, where you come across a rocky and steep road leading down to the valley floor and ends at a stream. This road is only accessible with a 4wd but if you don’t have one, you can walk down and start enjoying the view. The riding tours are guided from experienced riders that will lead you on a journey through the history and legends of Waipio Valley.

Nature is overwhelming and the horse trails lead you deep inside the jungle, along the hillside and through streams and rivers. You don’t have to be an experienced horse back rider to take this journey. Nonetheless, kids under eight years old are not allowed to join any team, due to unpredictable weather and terrain conditions.

Riders should wear light rain jackets because rain showers are frequent. For accommodation you can either stay in Hilo town or choose a hotel in Honokaa Town with a great view of Waipio Valley.