Rock Climbing in Amin Brakk, Nangma Valley, Pakistan

19028 ft/5800 m
May and Summer
Amin Brakk is a mountain, situated in the Nangma Valley of Karakoram range in Pakistan. The zone is open and is one of the most suitable areas for one of the most popular mountain sports, rock climbing.

The valley of Nangma is one of the most popular and beautiful rock walls in the Baltistan area. Mountain’s area, the Amin Peak is located in the inaccessible northern area of the Baltistan Karakoram. Many attempts have been made to climb this mountain with only the 1999, being a successful one.

Amin Brakk’s west face is close to the head of a side branch of Nangma Valley. The area of Amin Brakk was first attempted by a Basque climber. During this expedition to the hidden peak, he attempted a line on the adjacent northwest face of Nawaz Brakk.

This wall is one of the most complex and extended walls, harder than the Trango Towers. The Changi Tower is also a part of the Amin massif. Most of the rocks are made of granite, schist or gneiss. However the most dominant type is granite.

Some of the recommended climbs are the Spanish “Sol Solet” route which is a A5 23 VI 60 degree ice. The first ascent there was made in 1999. The second route on Amin Brakk called the “Czech Express” is a A3 27 VI 70 degree route. Its first ascent was made in 1999 by a group of Czech climbers. The third route on Amin Brakk is called “The Russian Route” and is a A3 19 VI degree and was first climb in 2004.

There are still many unstepped peaks where you can test your skills either alone or with a qualified instructor, provided by the local schools.