Water Skiing in Ostesee, Neuhaus, Lower Saxony Germany

Number of poles:
Biggest pole:
12 m / 39.4 ft
Ostesee is an oxbow lake almost at 3 km/1 mi away from Neuhaus. Full of facilities, beginning with water sports systems, bars, shops, schools and resting area by its shore, this infrastructure turns this lake into the best spot to spend a day full of entertainment.

The 6 poles with biggest height 12 m/39 ft – one of the highest worldwide – and the area of 1 km/1093.6 yd length make this place the perfect water ski destination for beginners and professionals. There is no risk and nothing to worry about as the lake can accommodate up to 10 skiers at the same time while you can stay the whole day without paying a beach fee or tax.

At the starting point you will find all the equipment you need in really low prices as well as courses with special prices for students if you show your student card. Life-jackets are provided free of cost and are highly recommended at speeds over 43 kph/26 mph.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to bring your pets along, so make sure that they’re in good hands for a day…or more. The best time of the year to visit Ostesee is between April and early October and apart from discovering the water-sport magic, you should definitely have a tour around to  enjoy the beautiful sights and of course visit the nearby national park.