Skydiving in Cloppenburg, Bremen-Oldenburg, Lower Saxony Germany

Jump height:
3000 - 4000 m/9842 – 13123 ft
Freefall duration:
40-50 sec
200 kph/124.3 mph
Height where the parachute opens:
1500 m/4921 ft
Gliding duration:
5-10 min
Cloppenburg lies at 71 km/44 mi in the south west of Bremen and within 50 min drive from the city. Alternatively Cloppwnburg can be also reached from Oldenburg at 43 km/26 mi in the south. Near Cloppenburg in the Varrelbusch airport you will find a lot of air activity. One very popular sport being practiced on the spot is parachuting. It is a fascinating experience between heaven and earth. At first, you will receive instructions for about 15 minutes which are enough for you to make the leap!

You will fly at a height of 3000 – 4000 m/9842 – 13123 ft and once you receive the last instructions, you will get a big breath and then jump off the plane! You will fall for about 40-50 breathtaking seconds up to 200 kph/124.3 mph forward to the ground. At about 1500 m /4921 ft high above the ground, the extra large tandem glider is being launched and then is when the chilling part of your experience begins!

Gently and safely, you will glide for the next 5-10 minutes until you reach the ground. Until you land, you will have an amazing opportunity to admire the magnificent landscape and/or yet to turn a few corners. You will land directly on the airfield, where thousands of people have landed in the recent years.

All the equipment is provided on the spot. All you have to bring is your courage and your energy! Your clothing should be sporty, weather suitable and ankle sport shoes. Feasibility depends on visual flight conditions, high winds and rain. So don’t wait anymore and book this life changing flight!