Nov 21 - Nov 22 12:00 to 23:05

Free ski and snowboard festival in Vienna

Big air ramp size:
40 m/131 ft high, 100 m/328 ft long
freestyle ski and snowboard jumps
Austria's capital city Vienna, is famous for its imperial history, contemporary museums, cultural festivals, vibrant nightlife and coffee houses. However, on the 21st and 22nd of November, one of the biggest international extreme sports winter festivals will take place on the „Donauinsel" in Vienna and will attract all the action enthusiasts to celebrate the upcoming winter season.

This year Fridge Festival  is powered by Masters of Dirt  where both organizers stand for electronic music and crazy freestyle events. Fantastic actions, best DJs and a wide range of programs: the unique concept consists not just of a transnational snowboard & freeski big air contest, but also an electronic music festival with an international line up.

Fridge Vienna

The most complex and most attractive part of the festival is the jump contest with a ramp that rises up almost 40 m/131 ft  high above the “Donauinsel”. The four-story-high, 100 m/328 ft long and 20 m/65 ft wide ramp is going to be covered by more than a hundred tons of snow.

Fridge Vienna

At the Fridge Festival it is a question of jumps and tricks on a world cup level, which are judged in different levels, but what counts most is style and technical performance. The riders participating are real pros, who enjoy this extreme city jump contest a lot. For those who are into extreme winter sports, this festival is an unbelievable chance to see the world´s best snowboarders and free-skiers (TTR**** and AFP Gold).

"Fridge Vienna"

In addition, besides the ski and snowboard acts, visitors will enjoy a wide variety of side events, such as Masters of Dirt snow-acts with freestyle, motocross bikes, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, M.O.D. DJs and the legendary fuel-girls from the UK.

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