Paragliding in Maierdorf Valley, Hohe Wand, Lower Austria Austria

Altitude valley town:
450 m/1476 ft
Altitude difference:
-5 to 535 m/-16.4 to 1755 ft
Haul, soaring, walk and fly, dragons:
GPS coordinates of the valley:
47 ° 49 '00'' N, 16 ° 3' 0'' E
Wiener Neustadt is a town which is situated in the south of Vienna, within the state of Lower Austria in the northeastern Austria. The city is self-governed and is the seat of the district administration in Wiener Neustadt Land. Wiener Neustadt and its surroundings are famous due to their sporting activity.

Hohe Wand is located at about 19 km/11 mi in the east of Wiener Neustadt and at 70 km/43 mi, about an hour drive, in the south of Vienna. In Hohe Wand, there is Maierdorf valley where a very popular air sport is being performed, that is Paragliding. It is the nearest area viewed from Vienna. Especially if wind blows from the east and southeast, it is an excellent soaring site to glide above.

The thermals are sometimes so active that novice para-gliders should avoid the midday hours, especially in spring and summer. Sometimes on weekends and mainly in winter and fall, thermals may prevail in the vicinity of the launching site at the Hohe Wand. Hohe Wand contributes an arena of 3-12 km / 1.1-7.8 mi in length so many pilots can simultaneously launch their para-glide.

You just have to walk and then fly up from an altitude of 1100 m /3.608 ft. High climbing, silent bird, same gliding, fantastic vistas, endless blue – thousands of impressions and 20 – 30 minutes later, you put your feet gently and safely on the landing field. It is a paragliding heaven!

Bear in mind that your outfit should be windproof warm clothing and put on some high ankle shoes and sunglasses to enjoy the view from above.