Rock Climbing in Smith Rock State Park, Redmond, Oregon USA

Top elevation:
550 ft/167.64 m
3000 ft/914.40 m
651 acres/2.64 km²
Central Oregon is a famous play-land to all rock climbers. Smith Rock State Park is located near the cities of Redmond and Terrebonne, in central's Oregon desert.

The place features the desert characteristics with the abrupt, steep cliffs and the wilderness landscape.

A lot of people regard this area, as the birthplace of modern American sport rock climbing with more than a thousand climbing routes, suitable for all experience levels and rock climbing enthusiasts, attracting 500,000 sport fans per year.

The most daring ones face the challenge of routes, reaching the height of 550 ft/167.64 m or the so called major rock faces, created by volcanic ash. The ascent reaches up to 3000 ft/914.40 m and the Park includes 651 ac/2.64 km². It is open all year, spring and fall being the best seasons, as there is unbearable heat in summer and extreme cold in winter.

You can find camping and picnic areas close to the above mentioned towns and in Bend one has a lot of recreational and accommodation options.