Rock Climbing in Lie Detector, Cliff Drive, Houghton, Michigan USA

21.34 m / 70 ft
Skill Level:
Intermediate - Advanced
Houghton is in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and is the largest city of Copper County. It is also in the list of the “100 Best Small Towns in America”. Houghton is surrounded on the east by Portage Township and Pilgrim, on the south by Hurontown and Isle Royale Location and on the west by Dakota Heights. The area is ideal for varied winter as well as summer sports, such as ice hockey, snowmobiling, hiking, sea kayaking, sailing, mountain biking etc.

Keweenaw Peninsula and more particularly Houghton, offers visitors many recreations such as climbing. There is a variety of areas, suitable for beginners and more experienced climbers. Cliff Drive in Keweenaw County offers an unforgettable climb experience on its isolated basalt edges. Maybe the most preferred climb is Lie Detector, located in the Ice Fall area.

The climb starts off with an easy hunk and continues with a modest projection. The progression is slightly complicated and harder than someone can estimate. The end requires small face moves at the pine tree that resorts on the route. This route ends just below the start to Rated PG and gives the impression of a two- point course. If you are a rock climbing enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy Lie Detector!!