Snowmobile in Fterolakka, Parnassos, Central Greece Region Greece

1640 to 1860 m / 5380 to 6102 ft
Parnassos is an impressive mountain in central Greece and its altitude is 2457 m/8061 ft. Its highest summit's name is Liakoura. According to the Greek mythology, the mountain's name derives from Greek hero Parnasso, who has build a town on the mountain.

Parnassos has attracted the interest of many botanist because of its plant species with particular scientific importance. On the north side of Parnassos, you can find the paradise of extreme sport, Fterolakka with 1840 m/6036 ft altitude. This is one of the best and well organized ski centers in Greece. It offers 7 lifts and 9 downhill slopes (4 red, 4 blue and 1 green slope).

In the traditional wooden chalet you can relish a warm mug of coffee and enjoy the view from up there. The white landscape, the warmth of the fireplace in combination with the sereneness of the nature, will make you feel like you are in paradise. But, some of you have a restless desire for more adventure and passion.

You want to make some noise and agitate the white landscape. You want to ride fast and take out the veil of snow from the trails. It’s time to take your snow-machine and snowmobile through the beautiful paths of Fterolakka. Feel the ecstasy, while leaving a cloud of snow behind you that hides your smile from the other riders.

In Fterolakka, you can rent a snowmobile and if you need an expert at your disposal, you can find many in the area. If you want to escape for a while from the ski center, you should visit Delphi, where you will enjoy the hospitality of the people. This place was the site of the Delphian oracle, where Pythia was credited for the prophecies. You can also visit Arachova, a beautiful place to escape and full of ancient history. Wherever you decide to go, after your exciting ride with your snow-machine, you will find nice traditional restaurants, good coffee and bars, where you can spend time with your friends.

Close to the ski center, you can find accommodation options for your relaxing moments.