Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Liani Ammos, Chalkida, Central Greece Region Greece

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Chalkida is located on Euboea island, in Greece which is the main town of the island. The city lies on the narrowest point of Euripus straits. The name of Chalkida has been given to the city after the mines of copper, which was thrived in the near area.

The most important distinctive feature of Chalkida is the bridge of Euripus, where water direction changes every six hours, with an intermediate stagnation for one hour. The bridge opens up when the water of tide brings the water upstream. The impressive castle of  Karababa on the hill of Kanithos makes your visit on the spot a worthy one.

Liani Ammos is one of the beaches of Chalkida. In this beach, the phenomenon of the tide is more intense than everywhere else. That’s why the sea is very shallow, when water is being moved inward. For this reason, this beach offers the right conditions for kitesurf.  The best wind direction is the north and it blows onshore. So, let’s play with the good waves and feel the passion.