Mountain Biking in Paulina Peak, La Pine, Oregon USA

around the crater
A well known summit of Newberry Volcano is Paulina Peak, the host of many extreme sports. This volcanic area is located near the cities of Bend and La Pine.

The summit reaches up to 7985 ft/2433.8 m and the road to the top is covered with gravel. The soft ground, some rocks maybe and some water ponds are the usual obstacles of the route.

In general, you won’t encounter any problems on your way up. There are some technical sections or routes that require more physical endurance, but surely there are moderate and easy rides as well. The best views are of course close to the peak, so you have to work for it.

A good place for beginners is around the crater, while more advanced athletes usually begin at Paulina Lake and then up to Paulina peak. There are plenty of hotels near La Pine and restaurants also for the relaxation moments, when not practicing your favorite sport.