Motocross in Enduro Trails, Fullerton, Louisiana USA

Trails length:
45 mi/72.4 km
Trails type:
Opening schedule:
Year round
Fullerton or as it was known before 1975, Russville, belongs to Vernon Parish, a Louisiana Parish almost in the middle of the state, in the US. It is an unincorporated community that was once industrial, based around a big lumber mill.

In Fullerton, you will come across an amazing area consisting about 45 mi/72.4 km of trails, Enduro Trails. The trails form three long loops and they are in general twisty and flat. However, there is a sand pit along with a few medium and small sized hills.

All loops are open to all kind of riders, two or four wheeled, besides the Mogul Loop, which is for motocross bikes only and that gives you the privilege to ride it with your two stroke bike. The entire system is inside a forest, so shade is plenty and well appreciated especially on hot days.

The marked, not rated and heavily maintained trails are at an elevation of 200 to 300 ft/61 to 91.5 m and offer little loose dirt, some hard pack, some sand, some mud, dust, little rocks, a few steep hills and some single tracks. There are of course a few hazards, as in almost any off road trail that are assumed to be marked, but still ride with caution.

Keep in mind that in order to drive on these trails, you must own an OHV permit and an end cap or spark arresting silencer. Note that there is a noise limit, so you have to keep it below 99 db. The facility owns a camping area and the enduro camp trailhead that leads directly to the trail’s area. There is no charge, if you want to use the camp, but there is no water. It is recommended to call before you come, as the trails might be temporarily closed due to weather conditions.